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Aakruthi is in the field of Children education with its flagship programs Abacus,Vedic Maths,Write Neat,Rubiks Cube and Science Exhibits.These programs are designed to improve your child's arithmetic, logical, reasoning as well as handwriting abilities to prepare them to position well in the competitive world. Aakruthi, is an Abacus,Vedic maths based mental arithmetic training institute managed by a passionate team of experienced professionals in the field of education.Aakruthi has its presence across the country. Aakruthi has advanced Abacus and Mental Arithmetic programs designed exclusively for the children in the age group of 4-13 years. Using Abacus as a tool Aakruthi has special programs to empower your child''''s arithmetic, logical and reasoning abilities to prepare them to position well in the competitive world. Managed by a passionate team of eductionalists, Aakruthi is committed towards preparing our children for the challenges in the future competitive environment. Our training programs , course materials and teaching methodology are of international standards and are easily understandable. Aakruthi is also a leading supplier of School academic labs(Mathematics Lab,Physics,Chemistry,Biology) ,Smart School Content for schools and Educational Dvds&Pendrives for CBSE,ICSE and all Other state boards

We cover academic materials for age group 3+ to 16+

Vijaya Lakshmi
/ Director Aakruthi academy

Activity & Practice Sheets

400 + Activity And Practice sheets Supports your child’s school readiness in an ENRICHED,EXCITING and ENGAGING


Master the skill of doing calculations mentally.Aakruthi academy provides affordable online/offline Abacus training for kids through our certified trainers.

Alphabet Groove board

Alphabet groove board for Sensorial development.Motors development skills(FINE motors & GROSS motor skills) and much more

Vedic Maths

The best Program That make your kid a math genius we provide: 3 levels of workbooks Video tutorials

Reasoning trainer Plus

The best reasoning trainer series from class, we provide Video tutorials 4 levels of workbooks

Creative Art & Crafts

Best art and craft Kit That enhance your kids creativity @Free we provide: 120 Coloring and craft sheets Craft materials


Learn How to Fold and Master Origami we provide Video tutorials 3 levels of workbooks

Recall Math Board

Fun Way of learning and recalling the concepts

Smart Write

The Perfect kit for good handwriting we provide 6 levels of Workbooks that covers all academic syllabus