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Vedic Maths Caption: The best Program  That make your kid a math genius What we provide: 3 levels of workbooks Video tutorials About the Course: Vedic Mathematics is the ancient system of mathematics. Vedic mathematics is a unique technique of calculations with which mathematical  problem can be solved mentally,10-15 times...
Rs. 840.00Rs. 800.00
Abacus Master the skill of doing calculations mentally  What we provide 6 levels of workbooks Abacus learning software Video tutorials Abacus frame About the course: Aakruthi academy provides affordable online/offline  Abacus training for kids through our certified trainers. You get quality education from the comfort of your home. Your child...
Rs. 567.00Rs. 540.00
Reasoning Trainer Plus Caption : The best reasoning trainer series from class 3 What we provide Video tutorials 4 levels of workbooks About the course Reasoning trainer series addresses the need of many competitive examinations. On the other hand, this series is intended to cover a diverse range of diagrams...
Rs. 209.00Rs. 199.00
Origami Caption : Learn How to Fold and Master Origami What we provide Video tutorials 3 levels of workbooks About The course: Unique hobby that allows your creative side to shine through while stimulating your mind Origami is the timeless Japanese art of creating amazing three dimensional objects out of paper....
Rs. 1,134.00Rs. 1,080.00
Smart Write Caption:The Perfect kit for good handwriting What we provide 6 levels of Workbooks (that covers all academic syllabus)   Video tutorials Wooden groove board About Smart Write Books: Do you Know? The student ability is still judged by what he/she hand-writes on his/her exam papers. This legibility issue...