Our students has improved in their concentration. Aakruthi Abacus is a very useful program well directed to develop child’s analytical and quantitative abilities.

- Vikas Bhuvania Dhruv International Rayapur

Improvement in Quick thinking, reasoning and logic. Improved self-confidence. Thanks to Aakruthi.

- Sai Abacus Academy Ananthapur

My daughter has got highest ranks in all her subjects. She has been able to concentrate properly and therefore can sit in one place and study properly for longer intervals. Her attention span, speed mental ability to calculate has improved.Her school also reported improvements in her grades.

- B Nagalakshmi, Mysore

After Associated with Aakruthi, I am finding my students more focused ! interested in subjects. Their overall interest towards calculation is also increasing.

- M Srinivasula reddy Director Apex Group

Hi, I am Ujjwal Wadera, When I first joined abacus it seemed very difficult to me. After six levels I find it is very easy. It has helped me in many ways. It has improved my maths, energized my mind, increased my speed and helped me in my studies. If you concentrate and practice you become a master of it. It is very advantageous thing and we should take the benefit of it.

- Ujjwal Wadera Student, Nagpur