Success Stories

Journey with Aakruthi Academy

- Rajani - 12/11/2016 10:11

AAKRUTHI  has proved that they are the fastest and best growing Company. In the beginning I just thought I would only be earning as much as a part-time job holder, but no....with the Excellent Support system I could even earn an handsome amount which really cheered me. The company offered me a Abacus course to me and I was VERY satisfied. I am thankful to the trainer who taught me Abacus. I’m going to use Abacus to improve kid’s creative skills in writing. im getting a very good response in my center and i had 15 admissions for this course then I just thought myself updating as a MASTER FRANCHISEE but I felt it would be heavy for me financially I just called the AAKRUTHI  and put forward my request to my surprise they said they have a Grading System wherein they grade us according to our performance where they relaxed on some terms, as a result I am now the MASTER FRANCHISEE for ABACUS,VEDIC MATHS,HANDWRITING & DMIT and now I am going for DMIT even.