Success Stories

Journey with Aakruthi Academy

- Rajeswari - 12/11/2016 10:11

I Started my journey from the year 2010-Sept onwards with AAKRUTHI as a franchisee for my city in Goa. I never predicted that I would grow to this Present Level of mine; Yes AAKRUTHI has proved that they are the fastest

and best growing Company. In the beginning I just thought I would only be earning as much as a part-time job holder, but no....with the Excellent Support system I could even earn an handsome amount which really cheered me. I started with ABACUS & VEDIC MATHS well...the response was good....then with HANDWRITING COURSE, again the response and demand was much better and satisfactory....then I just thought myself updating as a MASTER FRANCHISEE...but I felt it would be heavy for me financially...I just called the AAKRUTHI  and put forward my my surprise they said they have a Grading System wherein they grade us according to our performance where they relaxed on some terms, as a result I am now the MASTER FRANCHISEE for ABACUS,VEDIC MATHS,HANDWRITING & DMIT and now I am going for DMIT even.

I really appreciate the way AAKRUTHI  tackle the problems faced by us and Support they give us in whatever way it might be(whether it is in regard of Training, Material mgmt, Competitions, Marketing etc....), they are...very humble...very sober....yes..They really proved the Support from the Top-Level management itself...I am very thankful to AAKRUTHI