Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

While filling this application form, wherein I have requested for information from company regarding their processes & procedures regarding the business of Aakruthi, I am fully aware that some information shared with me in this process may be confidential or may have proprietary rights of the company. I hereby undertake to keep the confidentiality of all such information shared with me by the company, even if I finally decide not to join the company as franchisee, student, business partner or to buy any other possible service from the company, I undertake that I will not misuse or circulate or use for any other personal purpose or resell all or part of any such information.

The designs & content of presentation that would be emailed to me shall be used for my personal evaluation and review only and I will delete / destroy the presentation after complete understanding of business and will not replicate it in full or part.

The website information shall also be kept confidential, unless it’s open for public viewing in general.

In case I plan to join the company at any stage I undertake that I will never deposit payments in cash to any employee of the company or else will not deposit payments in cash in company accounts. If I do so I will undertake the responsibility in case the companies refuse to accept such payments and do not credit my account.  

In the event that I plan to join Aakruthi  as franchisee, student or any other commercial venture of Aakruthi  wherein I make a booking for such service and make any initial or full payment deposits, I would do so by understanding every aspect of this business and understand that all such payments would be non refundable. I will adhere to company’s no refund policy and also understand that in this process company would be sharing deeper and more confidential strategic data with me and may also have incurred costs on me for sending researched information or would have made some changes in their working plans to accommodate my application.

Right from the deposit of first payment you will be bound by the General Agreement & in any event where I or my firm will not sign the agreement in hard copy with Aakruthi, the provisions of this General Agreement will gover the relationship. By depositing any payment I agree to General Terms & Conditions, even if I have joined Aakruthi  business by filling this form or otherwise by any other mode. Provisions of "Caveat Emptor" shall be applicable.