Academic Labs

Academic labs of AAKRUTHI ACADEMY delivers a platform bringing all main subjects of academics together. We offer the expertise and service to help the subject teachers in this regard. These labs are the hand on experience for the students in the classroom to understand and remember easily the difficult subjects like mathematics and social sciences.

We believe on listen, touch and observe process of learning and providing the same to the schools so as to put an end to the beatification even for the important and toughest subject like mathematics.

Science means doing. Learning by doing is the guiding principle of science. Developing in children skills, competencies, scientific attitude and scientific outlook, thinking capacity and curiosity to explore are the main objectives of teaching science. A laboratory creates conducive atmosphere to achieve the above objectives and to enable children acquire scientific knowledge. Through experiments, children can prove what they have learnt. Experiments help children in developing scientific concepts, application of science theories, observation of differences and the ability to evaluate.

Lab activities are the heart of science teaching. Since the guiding principle to learn science is learning by doing, all laboratory activities must be done to learn what is to be learnt in each class

School Association Programs

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Abacus E-learning Software

with the help of our abacus e-learning software every one can learn all levels of abacus on their own very easily and become more confident.

Smart School Tutor

Smart school tutor product available for all classes of CBSE, ICSE and state board which can ease the process of learning so that every student can get excellent results in their academics..&